Coal Valley Cider

Proudly Tasmanian Family Made & Owned

Welcome to Coal Valley Cider Incorporating Cold Blow Vineyard

Open Saturday & Sunday only 11am - 4pm

1490 Grasstree Hill Road (C324)

Richmond, Tasmania

Please be aware that our cellar door is a licenced venue not a park/playground so children are to remain seated and closely supervised at all times and can not be running around. We also ask that care is taken to ensure that children are not causing damage.
We have made an area to be enjoyed by all but unfortunately we have lost a lot of plants due to unsupervised children. 

If we notice your child/children not being supervised and causing problems, we may ask you to leave the premises.

12km from Cambridge driving towards Richmond

1.5km from Richmond driving towards Cambridge

Our property which is located at Richmond, in the Coal River Valley, was purchased in 1993. 

The following years saw extensive native plantings and by 1998 a small vineyard of 1000 vines was established. 

By celebrating the success of our first vintage in 2000, we decided to plant a small orchard adjacent to our winter creek and vegetable garden.

Up until quite recently, our operations have been purely hobby based, producing just enough wine and cider for our family and friends to enjoy. 

In 2014 we decided to share our products with the public by opening up for the Southern Vineyard open weekend. By Sunday afternoon, we had sold out of most of our wines, and with little cider left it was clear we had to expand our production output. 

We made the decision to look to the beautiful Huon Valley for a supply of the best Tasmanian apples to continue making the ciders that we enjoy. 

Our ciders are made exclusively by us with as little intervention as possible to ensure a unique and special blend with each and every cider that we produce. We ONLY use 100% fresh Tasmanian apples in our ciders, no concentrate, or water added.

The perfect balance of apple varieties, natural sugars and acids means that we don’t need to use any artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners to enhance the taste of our ciders. 

We simply retain the natural apple flavours and aromas that are quite often lost during the fermentation process resulting in a crisp fresh tasting apple cider.

We offer varying alcohol percentage options, our range starting at 3.5% with our Cloudy Apple Cider, through to our Wines using nothing but local fruit.

Absolutely no sugar is added to our cider at any stage.

We are very proud to say that our business is purely family owned & operated and will remain so. 

No investors, no loans, no outsourced cider makers - JUST US.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Josh & Julie

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